About US Department of Education

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About US Department of Education

United States Department of Education is one of the United States federal executive departments responsible for funding education and enforcing privacy and human rights law. US Dept of Ed is the lowest cabinet-level department in the United States government, with around 5,000 employees in 2007. This department was formed from the Ministry of Health, Education and Welfare, and was approved by President Jimmy Carter in 1980.

The Department of Education has repeatedly been abolished by Ronald Reagan, but has never been accomplished. Throughout the 1980s, the elimination of the Ministry of Education became part of the Republican work program, but when elected president in 1988, George H.W. Bush refused to realize this idea.

The Education System in the United States of America

Primary and secondary schools are compulsory for all students in the United States of America, but the age level of students is different in each state. Students in the United States begin their education from the Kindergarten level, ages 5 years to 6 years, to complete secondary education in the 12th grade at the age of 18 years old. There are 14,000 schools in the United States of America and every year, the US government allocates $ 500 trillion in education funds to be used for primary and secondary schools.

The basic education in the United States of America is ranged from Kindergarten to fifth grade, but sometimes also ranged to 4th grade, 6th grade, or 8th grade, depending on the curriculum system in the school district. The learning curriculum is chosen by school districts referring to the learning standards in the state. Learning standards are the purposes that must be achieved by the school district which must refer to the AYP or Adequate Yearly Program.

One class consists of 20 students to 30 students. The primary school teachers in the United States of America is provided with advanced education regarding cognitive development and psychological development. Teachers in the United States of America must have completed bachelor and or master degree in the field of Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

While the secondary education in the United States of America is divided into 2 stages, which are junior high school and senior high school. The junior high school stage starts from 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, and 9th grade. The level of education in the junior high school grade is determined by demographic factors such as the number of high school students. It aims to maintain a stable student school population. At this level, students are given the freedom to choose the desired subjects and use a moving class system.

Senior high grades are advanced levels after junior high school grades. Usually, this level starts from 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, to 12th grade. It has to be noted that the junior high levels and senior high levels are varied in each stage, referring to the demographics of the age of students in that state. At this level of secondary education, the students are required to take some of the mandatory subjects as well as choosing elective subjects. The mandatory subjects are including science, mathematics, English, and physical education. Science is including biology, chemistry, and physic. Mathematics are including geometry, algebra, calculus, and statistics. While the English lesson is including humanity and literature.

While the elective subjects are including athletics, career and technical education, computer word processing, foreign languages, performing arts or visual arts, and publishing. The athletic subject includes soccer, swimming, basketball, softball, wrestling, volleyball, boxing, and many more. The computer word processing subject includes programming and design. While the performing arts lesson includes drama, photography, dance, choir, orchestra, and so on. If you are interested about the education system in the United States of America or you want to study in this country, you can look for the department of education contact or board of education telephone number to get further information.

The Role of the US Government in the US Education

Education in the United States of America has been receiving special attention from the government as well as from the community which includes education for disabled students and those who have emotional disturbances. Beyond that, non-formal education is sponsored not only by the government but also by trade unions, independent agencies, and individuals who sometimes make it as a business. The education system in the United States of America has a distinctive characteristic from the education system in other countries. This is mainly because of the system of government which delegates most authority to states and local governments; districts or cities.

The United States of America does not have a national education system. There is only a limited education system that is probably different in each state. This is based on the philosophy that the central government must be limited in its role, especially in controlling most public functions such as schools, social services, and others. This is why there is no national curriculum or even state curriculum in primary and secondary education. What available is just a kind of graduate competency standards set by the state government or local government. However, the federal government is given limited authority.

Every state in the United States of America provides free education. Starts from kindergarten and other levels of education in this country. Moreover, the law which regulates education is also different in each state. What the same is that kids from 6 years old or 7 years old must be educated. For you who are curious about education in the United States of America, try to look for interesting articles about education in this country. Or, you are able to go the official website of the department of education home or US Dept of Ed. The main characteristic of the education system in the United States of America is the very prominence of decentralization, the federal government, the state and local governments have very clear rules and responsibilities.

Those are the information about the US Dept of Ed and also the education system applied in the United States of America.

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