Articles on Education Issues to Read

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:44pm by 5TR34M

What are the articles on education issues? There are complex problems in worldwide education nowadays. Well, it is because education itself cannot be separated from other elements and dimensions including social, politics, economy, cultures, and many more. Meanwhile, it is also important to highlight the global changes. Currently, technology has been rapidly changed and it remains many problems for all people involved in education. So, if you are looking for the latest issue about education? Here are some of them.

No Funding in Education

Undeniably, the economy still becomes the main important problem for many people in improving their education. It is not only the problem to face by students but also governments in some countries alongside with the institutions. Yes, there is much money needed for the school building establishment, books and media procurement, salaries of teachers, and so forth. Meanwhile, countries with funding problems may have different background on how they can have this problem anyway.

Education in Conflict Areas

The next articles on education issues are about it in conflict areas. It is not a secret that in many conflict areas, their children and teenagers must be struggling to live. They even must be involved in the battle while ideally, people on their ages must go to school. It is also another issue experienced by some countries and the world, in general. Some solutions are tried to give, starting from the voluntary teachers, donation, and more.

The Exclusion of Disabilities

If you are referring to the human rights act, there should not be exclusion for people all around the world to get an appropriate education. In fact, there is still the exclusion for people with disabilities. This issue is quite difficult to overcome for some factors. The term disabilities themselves cover so many points. There are people with disabilities who can receive and absorb the materials given at school normally while others are not. When it is still considered normal, therefore, the discrimination given by other people is the main problem in it.

Gender Discrimination

Ironically, in some areas, gender is still being an issue of people having an education. There are some groups of people who think that one gender is still higher than others. Women, in many cases, are the victim of the regulations. It needs cooperation from all sides so that the improvement of mindset is really realized. Aside from some issues above, there are still many articles of education issues to overcome for sure.

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