Causes of False Positive Pregnancy Test

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:45pm by 5TR34M

false positive pregnancy test can be rare condition but it is sure that it can be as frustrating as false negative pregnancy test. It is the opposite of the false negative pregnancy test after all. Women are told that they are pregnant although they are actually not. There are some causes of this condition.

Improper Pregnancy Test Use

The false positive result on pregnancy test can be cause by the improper use of the home pregnancy test. This is the common cause which can be found after all. They can misunderstand the instruction on the package. That is why it is important to read it very carefully before they use the kit.

Evaporation Line

The accurate result can be found if they read the pregnancy test within the right time frame. Evaporation line usually can be seen on the test strip if the urine dries. That is why people can be confused of the positive test line and the evaporation line.

Expired Home Pregnancy Test

Expiration date can also be found in the home pregnancy test. Using it after the expiration date can cause the false positive result.

Too Early Test

Conception does not always successful to become pregnancy because it can end in miscarriage. Taking the test too early can cause false positive pregnancy test.

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