Common List of Leadership Skills

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:48pm by 5TR34M

There are so many types of leadership skills that we can find in the list of leadership skills that we are going to discuss below. You maybe find some similarities between one skill to another. The skills are almost the same because in the real practice, we never pay attention to these kind of skills list. We prefer to practice without looking at the list and just combine them with the daily activities.

Leadership Skills List

A. Integrity

Integrity can be implemented as our loyalty to the work we are doing now. It also means honesty, beliefs, and valuable principle in doing your work. This is about the power of our behavior, how much it influence us to be more sensitive and sympathy to others. We have to treat everyone as good as we want to be treated by them.

B. Relationship

Trusting and respecting other are twice more difficult rather than judging them. That is why leader have to improve their ability of relationship. We have to develop realistic interpersonal communications to get better results of the team work.

C. Decision-Making

Every decision in a group must be a the responsibility of all of the members. However, it must be leader who decide the most important decisions for all. Leader have to be able to decide whether the decisions are good enough or not. Big responsibility to do, and it is also challenging for those who cannot make a good decision for all.

The explanation above are enough clear for us to learn about the common list of leadership skills, so that we will be able to know about them..

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