Community Mental Health Center

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:50pm by 5TR34M

A community mental health center provides assistance and care to people with mental problems. There are various mental health services that a mental health center can provide to them. Understanding different types of service that a mental health center provides helps you determine which health center or specialist to consult if you are dealing with a specific mental health problem.

Mental Health Therapy

A mental health therapist helps overcome mental problem by assisting patients in their journey to overcome their problem. People who think that they have mental problem yet cannot decide what kind of problem it is can consult a therapist to find out what’s wrong with their mind. People who suffer from anxiety, depression or behavioral problem can request assistance to overcome their problem. If drugs are needed, a psychiatrist is required as only psychiatrists—and not therapists—can prescribe medication.

Inpatient Service

Some mental health problems are considered so serious that outpatient or home treatment alone is not enough to deal with them. To take care of such serious problems, hospital stay is mostly needed. Patients with milder problem can be hospitalized in a community mental health center temporarily or only at daytime whereas those with more serious problem may require longer stay at a lockdown ward.


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