Current Articles of Education: Education Problems in Developed Countries

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:44pm by 5TR34M

Current articles on education, what are the problems of education in developed countries? Some countries are considered developed indeed. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any problem at all. it is just the problems are commonly not as complex as them in the developing countries. Besides, they have enough funding to improve it. Well, the examples of problems in some developed countries are as follow.

A Commitment to Long-Life Education

Some countries including the UK always put efforts to realize the commitment to long-life education. In other words, no matter how old you are, you must still have an education. There are some factors that are being the basis of this commitment. One of them is the fact that man old people don’t have enough knowledge when they were young. Therefore, educational equity is not only related to social status but also age. Unfortunately, this is quite difficult to realize for some factors. One of them is the fact that the elderly may no longer have a good capability in absorbing the materials. Besides, problems like sickness and time unavailability also often stop them following the classes.

The Expansion of Facilities

For the development of technology, there is the latest issue about education that should not be ignored. It is the more facilities to build up. It is related to the expansion of budgets for sure. Those developed countries basically have money for the expansion of facilities. But undeniably, their necessities are more as well. it needs more regulations to divide the budgets well to make them right on the targets.

More graduates are more problems

Based on data shared by some current articles on education, more than 80% of the students in the US are successfully graduated from their schools and colleges. But the real problem comes after that. Most of the graduates don’t know what to do for the next phase of their life. There are some options for sure whether becoming employees or building their own business. All of them have their own challenges that often cannot be faced by those graduates.

Correlations of Education and Social Problems

There is a theory that says; when someone is more educated, he tends to be wealthier as well. there is nothing wrong with the statement but nowadays, those theories are not completely true. There are people who have enough education but find it difficult to get jobs and more. Sadly, it is not only a problem in developing countries, but also the developed countries in some current articles on education.


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