Definition and Causes of False Negative Pregnancy Test

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:45pm by 5TR34M

false negative pregnancy test sounds like pretty common term which people will hear when they have great interest about this topic. There are things which people should do with the pregnancy and that is why knowing it earlier will be better. Getting wrong information can be troublesome for sure.


Women can have the false negative result on the pregnancy test when they were told that the test result if negative but they are actually pregnant. It can be very frustrating for sure. They can suffer from increasing anxiety if they take the pregnancy test again. That is why it is better for them to choose the pregnancy test with high accuracy as well as sensitivity for avoiding the false negative result. They should wait to take the test until they have missed their period.


The causes of the false negative result on the pregnancy test can be varied. It is mostly caused by the missed reaction time. That is why they should follow the written direction on the package of the pregnancy test to know the reaction time so they can get the accurate result. Too early and late reading can cause the false negative result after all. Taking the test too early can also cause the false negative pregnancy test.

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