Department for Education Contact – How much Do I Owe in Student Loans?

Posted on Jan 28 2021 - 4:29pm by 5TR34M
Department for Education Contact – How much Do I Owe in Student Loans?

You definitely can use the Department for Education contact person to find out about things related to your educational things or even your student loans. In fact, you only have six months after graduation before you start to repay your student loans. Other than that, most students in the US have more than one student loan to pay the college fee.


The amount of money you originally borrowed is not the amount of money you should repay from now. It might be and would definitely more than that. You can ask it through the Department for Education contact or your loan servicer.

The amount of the loans you should repay might be a little lower if you have federally subsidized loans in hand. If you do not then it seems like the amount would grow over the years; thanks to the interest. As we have mentioned earlier, the total amount you should repay depends on the rate of the loans you have borrowed.  Below we have some tips to find out how much you should pay in the first place.

How to find the balance on the federal student loans

Actually, it is not that hard to find out how much you owe in federal loans. Other than that, you just need to check it with one of the agencies in the US Dept. of Ed. Other than that, you can also check it directly on the NSLDS or the National Student Loan Data System. The database is managed by the Department of Education. The data will show you how much you need to repay in federal student aid.

You will also know the loan servicer who is in charge of your loan for now. You can use the database to get the information you need about the original amount of your amount, loan servicer, current balance, interest rates, and also the payment status. You will need an ID of Federal Student Aid. If you do not have one then you may create one right on the website of NSLDS.

The limitation of the NSLDS

Of course, NSLDS would answer any question you need to know related to the amount of the money you should repay related to the student loans. However, it only has the list of some of your loans, not all of it. It also will not list your old loans. Other than that, nursing or medical school loans would not be enlisted as well. For further information, you can call the Department for Education contact information.

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