Early Signs of Pregnancy to Get Pregnancy Test

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:45pm by 5TR34M

early signs of pregnancy become very important thing which can bring the awareness of the people to get the pregnancy test as soon as possible. Some symptoms can be noticed easily but it does not mean that they are pregnant. Pregnancy test is the only method which can tell people that they are pregnant after all.

Spotting and Cramping

The fertilized egg will be attached to the uterus wall after the conception. Spotting which sometimes appear along with cramping is caused by this process. That is why it becomes one of the earliest pregnancy signs. It is known as implantation bleeding which occurs 6-12 days after the conception.

Breast Change

Another early pregnancy sign is breast change. The change of the breast is caused by the rapid hormonal change which occurs to women after the conception. The breast can become sore, tingly, or swollen 1-2 weeks after the conception. It can get fuller or heavier with the areloa which gets darker.

Fatigue and Morning Sickness

Fatigue can be experienced by women soon enough, a week after the conception. It is related to the increase of hormone progesterone level. Of course people cannot forget about the morning sickness as famous sign of pregnancy. However, it does not mean that every pregnant woman will experience the same early signs of pregnancy.


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