Federal Department of Education: What Role Do They Play in Education?

Posted on Jan 29 2021 - 12:50am by 5TR34M
Federal Department of Education: What Role Do They Play in Education?

The United States has a lot of departments when it comes to education and one of them is the Federal Department of Education. Actually, what is their job when it comes to education? What is their responsibility? Why is the institution established? Well, we are going to help to answer those questions through this article.


As we all know and agree, education is essentially and primarily the responsibility of the State in the United States. According to the Federal Department of Education, education in the form of schools and colleges is established by the states and communities. The education finance structure in America represents the predominant role of both States and locals. During the school year 2012-213, the structure of education finance in America spent on education at all levels about USD 1.15 trillion. In fact, the sources of funds for elementary and secondary levels came from non-Federal parties.


The main official mission of the Department is to prepare students for global competitiveness and promote student achievements by fostering the excellence of educational aspects and ensuring equal access to all students in the United States. No matter of the Federal role in education grows and develops from time to time they will always stick to their main mission. On the other hand, the mission is carried through two major steps.

Leadership role by the Secretary and the Department

The first step is by letting the Department and the Secretary play a role or leadership on the national scale or ongoing dialogue. The dialogue is commonly about how to improve the results of the current education system for all.  This plan involves various activities such as raising awareness of the challenges in the educational environment to confront the nation. Other than that, it includes the process of disseminating the latest discovery on the basis of learning and teaching. Also, it aims to help the community to work out the solutions on any education issues especially the difficult ones.

Administration of Programs

The second way will involve the activity of the Department on pursuing the twin goals. The goals include excellence and access through the programs on administration matters that cover every education area. The range starts from preschool education to the postdoctoral research. For further information, you may take a look at the US Dept. of Ed official website. This is the end section of the Federal Department of Education and the role in the educational environment in the United States.

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