Functions of the Federal Board of Education to Acknowledge

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:44pm by 5TR34M

What are the functions of the federal board of education? The federal board of education is established to improve the people’s participation within the education system. It doesn’t have any hierarchy connections with the educational institutions and even government. So, what are the main functions of the federal board? Here are the explanations.

To Involve People in Education

There are some sides of people that are considered being involved in the education system. Some of them are the students, teachers, headmasters and staff, and people who are working in the educational institutions. In fact, it is a wrong perception. Since education is something to enjoy by all people, directly and indirectly, it is reasonable if all people in a country must be involved. This way, the federal board is a media for those people to deliver their aspirations.

To Improve the Quality of Education

Since it enables all people to involve and make aspirations, it is expected that the quality of education can be improved as well. There is a long process for this, of course. However, when more people have participated, the results can be better. Meanwhile, the federal board is also functioned to solve some problems and the latest issue about education. Again, there is no other reason for this unless the education improvement.

To Control the Education

The federal board of education is also functioned as the controlling agency. It is mainly related to how to conduct the education system. There are some areas that are included in the control from the federal board. They are controlling the process of decision making, the conduction of education whether it is in line with the regulation or not. If there is something that strays too far from the right line, it is the duty of the federal board to make it back. Therefore, there is no party to be disadvantageous in the educational system.

To Control the Funding

Well, funding matter is often complex and controversial. There are many issues behind like corruptions and fund misappropriation. Of course, if there is no party who control it, it can just cause loss and disadvantages for others. That’s why; it is a duty for the federal board to control the funding. It is starting from the disbursement to the uses. All of them must be reported well to avoid any problems and misunderstanding in the future. So, those are the functions of the federal board of education you should acknowledge.


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