Greater Lakes Mental Health Services

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:50pm by 5TR34M

Greater Lakes Mental Health Center in Lakewood, WA, is a healthcare center dedicated to providing mental health services in Lakewood and surrounding areas. There are a number of services that this mental health center offers.

1. General Mental Health Services

This mental health center provides mental health care for a large variety of mental health problems at all time. Patients can make appointment to choose the most comfortable time for them to consult their doctor. This mental health center can provide the right specialist to its patients depending on the type of mental health problem they are dealing with.

2. Services for Adults

Greater Lakes Mental Health Center provides services to adult patients. It assists their adult clients using various scenarios, including treating them as individuals, as family members, and as members of group therapy (hence involving other members of the group in therapies and treatments). The center also provides educational service to help adults deal with mental health problems better.

3. Services for Underage Patients

These services are similar to those for adults, except that they are specifically tailored to children and adolescents.

4. Psychiatric Services

These services include the assessment of patients’ mental health by a registered mental health nurse practitioner and the prescription of medication by a psychiatrist if needed.

5. Specialty Services

These services are designed to provide psychological relief to a population, such as forensic services and services for homeless individuals.

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