How Important Is Dept of Education in the US Public Life?

Posted on Jan 13 2021 - 7:07am by 5TR34M
How Important Is Dept of Education in the US Public Life?

Education in the United States is primarily under the responsibility of both the state and local government. The two institutions along with private and public organizations work together to shape the country’s education face. But what is the Dept of Education’s role in the public life of the United States? And how important is it?

What to Know

The United States Department of Education which is sometimes referred to as the US Office of Education, created in 1980. It was the former president of the US, Jimmy Carter, who initiated the establishment of the department. However, a federal department of education had been created decades before in 1987. The institution was aimed to assist the states to formulate a school system by collecting information related to teachers, schools, and teaching. But, due to the fact that the organization was not a cabinet-level department, it didn’t have a significant role in the United States’ public life. The change from a local agency into a cabinet-level agency leads the department to receive a higher budget and increasing amount of staff. This is Dept of Education that now possesses $68 billion for its annual budget and over 40,000 employees. The department now becomes the cabinet-level agency with the third largest discretionary budget. However, the 40,000 employees that support that department are still considered the smallest number of staff among 15 cabinet agencies that you can find in the United States.

The Mission

Basically, the primary mission of the Department of Education is to promote student achievement. It is also aimed to promote student preparation to face global competitiveness. This would be done by ensuring equal access and developing educational excellence. Here are some other missions of the United States Department of Education that you should know.

  • Strengthen the commitment of the federal to make sure that every individual will get the equal access to educational opportunity.
  • Encourage the parents, students, and the public to increase involvement in the educational programs held by the Federal.
  • Increase the accountability of the educational programs organized by the Federal to the public, Congress, and the President of the United States.
  • Improve the coordination of the programs conducted by the Federal government.
  • Promote the improvements of usefulness and quality of education. The Federal government can achieve it by supporting sharing information, research, and evaluation.
  • Improving the management of activities initiated by the Federal is the Dept of Education’s mission that should also be accomplished.

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