How Soon can You Take a Pregnancy Test to Get Accurate Result

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:46pm by 5TR34M

how soon can you take a pregnancy test probably becomes the big question which will be made by any woman who is expecting pregnancy. There can be a long way which must be taken associated with pregnancy planning. They want to get the positive result but too early pregnancy test maybe will not be accurate. People have to learn about the process in the body for pregnancy so they can understand the right time to take the pregnancy test as soon as possible.

Pregnancy Process

Once the egg is released, there are only 24 hours left for fertilizing it. If there is healthy sperm waiting for the egg and it is able to penetrate the egg, it means that conception occurs. It takes several days for fertilized egg to reach uterus and implant itself into its wall. This is the time when the pregnancy hormone called HCG is produced.

Time to Take Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy test will read the HCG level in urine. If there are 50 units of HCG detected, the result will be positive. For ensuring that the pregnancy test result is accurate, it is better for them to take the test about seven days after the ovulation. However, the sensitivity of the home pregnancy test will also affect the answer about how soon can you take a pregnancy test.

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