Korean Hair Care Routine Inspirations

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:49pm by 5TR34M

Korean wave has spread widely all over the world. It is sure that everything which is shown in the Korean drama and music can be great inspiration for many people all around the world. The Korean style makes people want to get the same look including for the hair. Ten steps of skin care routine from Korea are very famous but people might have big question whether there is also korean hair care routine just like the skin care.

From watching the Korean television program for instance, people will think that Koreans have the smooth and silky hair. In fact, Korean actually has different hair types. It means that the treatment for the hair should be suited to the hair type. One thing which people can see often from the Koreans is the hair coloring. Hair coloring becomes very common thing to do and the hair coloring can be very extreme. Bleaching hair might be done first before they color the hair to get the best hair color result. It means that their hair is damaged so using coconut oil is recommended for saving the bleached hair.

They have to keep in mind to do the hair care routine which is based on the hair texture as well as how many times they color their hair.

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