Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:50pm by 5TR34M

A licensed mental health counselor is often the best person to consult if you have problem with your mind or behavior. If you are fighting your anxiety or depression, if you are dealing with certain behavioral problem that you cannot overcome, if you are suffering from addiction or problem with substance abuse, a mental health counselor can provide you with advisory assistance to help you escape from your problem and discover your better self. Here are two important things to mind before you consult a licensed mental health counselor.

  1. What does a licensed mental health counselor do?

A licensed mental health counselor performs diagnosis on a variety of mental health problems and provides psychotherapeutic counseling to deal with those problems. A counselor may also pursue educational career at certain educational institution or any institution in which their role as a counselor or educator is needed.

  1. Are they licensed to prescribe medication?

Although they are licensed to provide counseling, they are not necessarily licensed to prescribe medication. Unless they also practice as a psychiatrist, they cannot prescribe any drugs to their patients. However, if medication is needed in your treatment, they may work with a licensed psychiatrist or physician who can prescribe a drug to you.

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