Potential Causes of Back Pain during Pregnancy

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:45pm by 5TR34M

back pain during pregnancy can be a troublesome condition which must be suffered by many pregnant women. However, it does not mean that every pregnant woman will suffer from this condition. There are some potential causes which make pregnant women have to deal with the back pain.

Hormones Increase

Because of the hormones which are released during the pregnancy, the ligaments in pelvic area are softened and the joints are getting looser for birthing process preparation. It can affect the support of the back.

Gravity Center

There is change which can be found associated with the gravity center because of the growth of the uterus and the baby. Of course the posture will change as well.

Weight Addition

The back has to support more weight due to the pregnancy development as well as the baby growth. It can cause back pain.

Position or Posture

The pain in the back can be experienced because of position or posture aspect. Pregnant women with poor posture, bending over, as well as excessive standing can cause the back pain in the pregnancy.


Pregnancy can be stressful and the stress will be accumulated in the body weak parts. Pregnant women have to experience the pelvic area change. This can be the reason why they suffer from increasing back pain during pregnancy.

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