Reason of Doing Abdominal CT Scan

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:47pm by 5TR34M

Have you ever heard about CT Scan? It is one of the medical tool that is usually used by the doctor. What is Abdominal CT Scan? Abdominal CT Scan is used when the doctor suspects that there is something wrong in your abdominal area. If you want to take an abdominal CT Scan, it will take 30 up to 45 minutes.

The Reason of Doing Abdominal CT Scan

When the doctor want to do the Abdominal CT Scan, there must be some reasons why the doctor does it. Those reasons are the unexplained weight loss, the blood clots, the cancer diagnosis, the kidney stones, the inflamamtions, the abdominal mass, and also the trauma because of injuries.

Preparing the Abdominal CT Scan

Before you do the CT Scan, the doctor will ask you some questions related to your condition, such as the allergy of barium, the pregnancy, and the diabetes. Then, you need to wait for 60 up to 90 minutes before you are ready to do the CT Scan.

CT Scan is used as the important medical instrument. The Abdominal CT Scan is also one of the most useful medical tool which is used by the doctors in all over the world.

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