The Advantages of Becoming a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:50pm by 5TR34M

Becoming a mental health nurse practitioner is possibly a career pinnacle that most mental health nurses relentlessly pursue. A nurse practitioner is a highly skilled professional with job that are almost the same with that of a psychiatrist. Only nurses with master’s or doctorate degree are eligible to pursue this career. Here are the advantages that you can reap if you pursue this career and ultimately become one1.

1. It is a prestigious career.

As mentioned above, every mental health nurse longs to become a mental health nurse practitioner someday because it is often considered the highest point in their career.

2. It is highly employable.

Many hospitals and institutions seek to hire a mental health nurse practitioner because this professional is on the same level with that of a psychiatrist but is less expensive to employ. As a nurse practitioner in the field of mental health, you can always get the right job for you easily and quickly.

3. A mental health nurse practitioner can prescribe medication.

Just like a psychiatrist, a mental health nurse practitioner is also licensed to prescribe medication to their patients. This privilege obviously gives the nurse superiority over regular mental health counselors and therapists.

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