The Education Center Inc to Support the Department of Education

Posted on Jan 21 2021 - 2:07am by 5TR34M
The Education Center Inc to Support the Department of Education

Department of Education is one of the 15 cabinet-level agencies in the United States with a relatively huge amount of annual budget. However, not many people know that this department was formerly known as the US Office of Education. There are many private and public companies that support the department to accomplish its mission such as the Education Center Inc.

Unites States Office of Education – Overview

The history of the United States Office of Education can be traced back in 1867. The agency was formerly a small unit in the Department of Interior for a long period of time from 1867 to 1972. The creation of the Office was under the responsibility of Zalmon Richards, an educator. The name of the agency was changed in 1870 and people started to call it “Bureau of Education.” This is the name that people sometimes use to refer to the unit up to now. However, the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, split the agency from the US Department of Health and Human Service. This was the time when the Office of Education of the United States lost its independence and was made the US Department of Education. Along with the public and private institutions as well as companies such as the Education Center Inc., the department shapes the face of the education system in the US.

The Functions

The main function of the US Department of Education is to provide both the local authorities and the state with proper educational information. The unit is also originally established to meet the demand to collect statistical information. It is pretty much needed by the fast-growing educational institutions that you can find across the US. The information gathered also includes histories as well as descriptive reports, pamphlets, books, and articles. However, the first time when the agency was created, it didn’t have any power to control actions taken within educational institutions. The changing of the Office to the cabinet-level department makes it possible to have more control in the education system in the US.  The Education Center Inc as a company that puts concern on the education of the future generation also supports the department with proper resources. The company does not only develop but also market teaching resources needed by teachers. In this way, practitioners in the education sector can easily find what they need for teaching. The organization is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and established in 1973.

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