The Function, Vision, and Mission of the Government Department of Education in the US

Posted on Jan 28 2021 - 11:06am by 5TR34M
The Function, Vision, and Mission of the Government Department of Education in the US

The government department of education is managing some education programs and issues in the US. Actually, the function of the us dept of ed is not only limited to running some programs and solving issues. Let’s talk a little bit about the functions of the Department of Education so you know what they are doing. This information is also useful if you want to process something relate to your study or for those who have a dream to work in this department in the future.

The Primary Functions

In general, employees at the government department of education in the US is working to establish education policies. Moreover, they also work to administer and become a coordinator for the most federal assistance related to education. This is also the place where you can find the data about your school because this department collects the data of the U.S. schools. The primary function is including to enforce laws, especially on privacy and civil rights to study.

About Curricula or Educational Standard

The interesting part of the government department of education is the US is that this department doesn’t involve in determining the curricula or educational standard. The curricula or educational standard is determined by the state and local school districts. To achieve certain educational quality, an educational institution has to take an informal private process known as accreditation. Moreover, the Department of Education works together with federal partners to make sure that all the US citizens get proper education including those who are homeless and runaway youth.

Vision and Mission

Just like any other departments in the United States of America, the Department of Education also has several visions and missions. Because the focus of this department is on education so the mission is to prepare students to face global competition through proper education and equal access. This department got up to $68 billion budget and the money is used for several things. For instance, money is used to establish policies on federal financial aid, especially for education. Then, they monitor the use of the funds. They also use the money to support the team who collect schools data in the United States of America and its research. The focus is not only in developing education in the country but also to solve a variety of education issues. The government department of education has to make sure that there is no discrimination in education. All of the students must have equal access to education. If there ares any cases, this department will handle it based on the regulation.

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