The US Education Issues Based on the US Department of Ed

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:44pm by 5TR34M

Based on the data from the US Department of Ed, there are still many issues and problems related to education to overcome. Yes, it is not a joke. Even a big and developed country like the US still has so much homework to improve their education system. In fact, some regulations cannot make the condition are better and they can even be getting worse. At least, there are 3 main problems that become the latest issue about education in the US. What are they?

Many schools are closing

Ideally, with the increase in students going to school, the number of schools should be increased. However, the fact is just in contrast with the expectation. If you see around, there are many schools that are closing right and left. There are many problems causing it, starting from the low funding to the decrease of the number of students to register. Ironically, this issue is closely related to the inability of students to pay tuition since it is too expensive.

The lack of Teachers’ Innovation

In the curriculum of education nowadays, teachers are expected to improve themselves for the sake of students’ improvement. Therefore, the function of the teacher in the classroom is not only delivering the materials but also make some innovations. Unfortunately, many of those teachers are not doing this. They still teach the students traditionally without having enough willingness to make innovations.

The Lack of Moral Values

It is so sad to hear many cases of bullying at schools. The US department of Ed reports that the number of students out of school, depressed, and even committing suicide are caused by the actions of bullying. Ironically, the actions are not only done by their school mates and seniors, but also teachers, whether they realize it or not. It is a controversial issue about how such saddening cases just happen. But it comes to a conclusion that the education of moral values should be given and even improved.

Don’t Know What to Do After Graduation

Most of the students are graduated well from their schools. But around half of them don’t know what to do next. Even if they have plans, they just don’t know how to realize those plans. There are some other issues dealing with the problem. Many people accuse the education systems that cannot involve all the students’ talents. Meanwhile, some others just think that it is the students who are lazy enough to prepare their future. Those are based on the reports from the US Department of Ed.

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