Things to Know about the Education Board in USA

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:44pm by 5TR34M

How is the education board in USA? Before talking about the education board, it is necessary to discuss the US education system first. There are 3 layers of government in the US; they are the federal or central government, state government, and local government. Meanwhile, it is like a culture in this country that education becomes a duty for families and society. It looks like people have rights to determine the best education system for themselves. But they understand that the challenges faced by each community are different.

The Board of Education

Different from many countries, the board of education in the US is directly chosen by people. It consists of around 5-7 people lead by a chief that is known as the Super Intendants. In other words, the board of education in this country is like a special governmental group that is only focused on Education. The income of the local government comes from the property tax and around 60% of them are given to the board of education to manage the education system locally. As information, 70% of the tax in the US is coming from 10% richest people in the US. In this case, common people have a chance to pay their education expenses less.

The Duty of the Education Board in USA

So, what are the duties of the board of education in this country? They have various duties and tasks aside from being focused on the latest issue about education. Some of their duties are managing the budgets for education, appointing the super intendant, making some regulations including curriculum, and reporting all of them to people outside. Particularly for the Super Intendant, there are more duties including appointing the headmasters, staff, and all the directors in the educational institutions.

Is the system effective?

It can be said that this type of educational system is effective to be conducted in the US. Well, the pros and cons are always there for many reasons. But by seeing that there are more goals to be reached using this system, it seems that the US government doesn’t need to make any regulation chance in the future. In fact, the students can go to public schools for free since the tuition has been paid by the government using the tax. Meanwhile, the government doesn’t give financial helps at all for the private schools. There is commonly donation from related institutions. All of the regulations are under the control and monitor of the education board in USA.

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