Three Types of Education: Interesting Articles about Education

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:41pm by 5TR34M

When it comes to interesting articles about education, you may also need to know about three types of education. In general, education is a gradual process that produces positive changes in one’s behavior and life. Education is also a process of retrieving knowledge through a set of studies by both instructions and practical procedures.


Education is supposed to bring a natural yet lasting change in one’s ability and reasoning to reach a targeted goal. According to interesting articles about education, it should facilitate us to boost our considerations and thoughts. In the end, it should be able to make us ready when it comes to expressing the knowledge in various shapes on the name of “reaching our goals through the process”.

Three Types of Education

Formal education

As its name suggests, it involves a series of formal learning processes. Usually, it takes place in school where one can learn academic, trade, or even basic skills of life. All benefits of formal education are available on US Dept. of Ed.

Formal education is organized and the course contents are always updated. Yet, the learning process is systematic and structured. In the end, the graduates have easy access to jobs out there. However, some of them are costly and rigid. Only brilliant students can survive.

Informal education

Parents who teach their children may be included in informal education. Even you can get informal education by reading books or websites. This type of educations is not imparted or managed by a certain institution. Also, the time is not fixed and the curriculum is not set.

It occurs more naturally and everyone could learn anytime and anywhere. People can even learn skills and experiences from informal education without the need of hiring an expert in the first place. However, disinformation might occur due to the sources of information are not educationally verified. Also, it has the absence of good habits, attitude, and discipline.

Non-formal education

This type of education includes preparation equivalent to school, adult literacy education, or adult basic education. This education type also allows them who sign in to it to learn job skills, literacy, and other basic skills. Mostly, it is done by using home education, online courses, individualized instructions, and so on.

Regular exams are not required and the education is very flexible both on age and time. However, some institutions gave face certifications. Also, the teachers are not all professionals. And this is the end section of interesting articles about education.

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