What is a Chemical Pregnancy and Its Signs

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:45pm by 5TR34M

what is a chemical pregnancy can be the question owned by many women. They have to understand any information associated with pregnancy if they want to get the healthy pregnancy. People need to know about the definition as well as the signs of the chemical pregnancy.


Chemical pregnancy is the pregnancy loss which occurs very early. This condition can occur during 3.5-5 weeks of pregnancy. People have question whether it is the real pregnancy and it is indeed. Chemical term is used because the pregnancy can be detected by the blood test or urine. When people do the ultrasound test, they cannot see the pregnancy. Some cellular stages in the development of the egg did not occur.


Women have chemical pregnancy if they get the positive result when they take the urine or blood test. However, when they try to do the test again later, they get the negative result. They maybe will not know that they have chemical pregnancy loss especially if they do not do the early test of pregnancy and experience no early pregnancy symptoms. They can experience bleeding at the next period time expectation or a few days after the expected time. Heaver and longer bleeding can be experienced if people are asking about what is a chemical pregnancy.


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