When to Take a Pregnancy Test for Accuracy

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 12:46pm by 5TR34M

when to take a pregnancy test will affect the result. There is no doubt that getting the false negative or positive pregnancy test result will be very frustrating. However, it is better for them if they know that they are pregnant as soon as possible. That is why people must know about the right time for taking the pregnancy test so they can get the accurate result.

Right Time

The best time for taking the pregnancy test is about a week after the expected period starting date. During this time, enough HCG can be found in the urine if they are pregnant. The hormone is the thing which will be read by the home pregnancy test after all. However, false negative result can also be found even if they take the test on 10-12 days after the ovulation schedule. That is why if they missed their period and get the negative test result, they should take another test again in a few days.

Things to Consider

Some things must be considered when taking the pregnancy test. They should buy the new pregnancy test instead of using the stored one. The instructions must be read very carefully because there are different products out there. The pregnancy test becomes another crucial aspect to consider besides when to take a pregnancy test.

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